Yasmine Naccache

Secretary General

Yasmine is a Lebanese sophomore Digital Production and Storytelling student at the American University in Dubai. She first joined MUN in high school, where she participated in many national MUN conferences. She had the opportunity to represent AUDMUN in the first ever ConcordiaMUN in Montreal, Canada. She has worked hard to reach the role of Secretary General after having assumed position of Chief of Staff first. She believes that MUN is a powerful tool in which the youth can be inspired and motivated to do more for their local and global communities. In addition to MUN, Yasmine has a passion for political discussion, writing, and filmmaking. She hopes that her work as Secretary General will aid in bringing new and exciting things to AUDMUN'19, making it an unforgettable experience.


Youssef Aboutaleb

Deputy Secretary General

Youssef Aboutaleb is a senior Accounting student at the American University in Dubai. As a previous Secretary General of AUDMUN, he has knowledge to the full extent of how fruitful and exciting Model United Nations conferences are. He is fully committed to improve upon AUDMUN and help it reach new heights. In his free time, Youssef practices Kung Fu and eating Kung Pao Chicken. He is excited to meet you all this November!


Maab El Sheikh

Chief of Staff

Maab is a Sudanese sophomore studying at the American University in Dubai. She is an Electrical Engineering student who is driven by challenges and is never afraid to speak her mind. She likes to take every opportunity that presents itself in order to step out of her comfort zone and exceed her own expectations. She decided to join the AUDMUN family as a volunteer for AUDMUN'18. Her passion for debate has never stopped growing. She is now Chief of Staff of AUDMUN. She aims to provide an exceptional experience for both chairs and delegates that will flourish their love for debate and will give them the platform to shine.


Borna Farshad Motlagh

Deputy Chief of Staff

Borna Farshad Motlagh is an Iranian 20-year-old marketing major whose dedication and passion for debate led him to become the Secretary-General of Al Mawakeb School Al Garhoud’s MUN club in his senior year. Borna has attended multiple HMC and MUN conferences, including AUDMUN, beginning in his sophomore year in high school. He is always ready to take up leading positions and working in teams. Borna also enjoys keeping active and discovering new shows.


Esraa Mahmoud

Director of Public Relations

Esraa is a Lebanese 18 year old who was born and raised in the UAE. She had been part of the MUN club at her school, and participated in multiple MUN conferences both in AUD and other places. She was in the volunteer group of AUDMUN'18 and helped in organizing the conference. Currently, she is the Director of Public Relations for AUDMUN'19. She believes that MUN is an experience that shouldn't be passed by anyone. The conference enlightens the minds of many and pushes people from different backgrounds to meet. It also informs many on the current world problems and motivates them to come up with beneficial solutions.


Marc Eid

Event Planner

Marc is a Lebanese freshman Business student at the American University in Dubai. He enjoys socializing and never cowers when he has a dilemma. He takes every single chance he gets to show the world what he can do when he works with his teammates. He decided to join AUDMUN to help individuals learn the art of public speaking and become more extroverted. He started off as a volunteer for AUDMUN 4.0 and thought that MUN was amazing for everyone. He hopes that he can make everyone enjoys their experience in the next AUDMUN.


Abdelrahman Shaalan

Director of Logistics

Abdelrahman Shaalan is a second year Computer Engineering student. He has been part of the MUN scene since high school, where he was the president of the club at the time. He was peer-pressured into joining the club, but later on found MUN to be interesting and very enjoyable. He also believes that MUN is extremely helpful and essential in building character and self-esteem. Abdelrahman has a passion for debate, computers, food, coffee, and music.


Nour Bou Daher

Director of Hospitality

Nour is an International Relations junior at the American University in Dubai. She believes that being informed about global issues and spreading awareness of their importance is a crucial part of our responsibilities as members of Generation Z, known to be the vehicle of change. Luckily, MUN provides all of you with a platform for debating and finding solutions for these issues. Nour’s interests include politics, law, forensic science, and most importantly, McNuggets. She started her MUN journey in high school and has recently gotten to be part of the first ConcordiaMUN in Montreal, Canada. Nour is now the Director of Hospitality for AUDMUN and hopes that she can contribute greatly to making AUDMUN 5.0 an unforgettable experience for all of you!


Zeena Qadumi

Director of Media

Zeena Qadumi is a second year International Relations major and the Director of Media for AUDMUN. She aspires to be known for her activism and care for the world around her. Giving back is her number one rule and purpose. Zeena has been a part of MUN since she was a middle schooler and enjoys researching and understanding the worlds politics but even more so, understanding how to influence and create physical change. As Zeena is Palestinian American, she experiences both perspectives on the Middle East. Her goal is to influence the Middle Easts politics and to create more awareness about causes that are important to her. Therefore, in the world we live in today, the UN is our main source for change. As a generation Z member, we are the future, and it is our responsibility to look for things we can improve upon and to capture moments through photos or videos in order to spread awareness.